Divorce Mediation

Free Divorce Consultation for In-Person Mediation

We offer a “free consultation” for couples considering legal separation or divorce in Arizona when they want in-person guidance from one of our expert mediators.

Under this Program, you and your spouse can:

  • Arrange for a free half-hour consultation with one of our expert mediators, who all have backgrounds in both law and psychology,
  • Get your particular questions answered,
  • Get a written time and cost estimate, specific to your case, because every situation is unique, and
  • Learn how Mediation with Out-of-Court Solutions works.


This Program is also ideal for couples who are generally in agreement but want help dividing their property (for example, real estate, retirement accounts, and business interests), assigning responsibility for credit card or other types of debt, and/or determining the appropriate amount of child and/or spousal support.

There is no charge for the consultation. A credit card number is required to reserve time for the consultation, but absolutely no charge will be made unless you cancel without giving us 24-hours’ advance notice.