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Divorce Mediation Services

At Out-of-Court Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled divorce mediation services to Gilbert since 1995. Our team of expert mediators utilize a wide set of skills and experience in law, business and psychology to offer a highly effective form of mediation. In fact, Out-of-Court Solutions in Gilbert is the leading mediation firm in Arizona! Through mediation, each person will have a chance to express their feelings, concerns and ultimate goals. Once everyone has been heard and goals recognized, our Gilbert mediators will make certain each person completely understands the legal, financial and parenting issues involved in the situation so that the necessary deliberations and dialogues can take place that will produce a durable and legally binding settlement.

Our mediators at Out-of-Court Solutions in Gilbert will work to keep everyone on the same matter at all times. Rules and guidelines for mediation will be established at the start and will establish a safe and respectful environment. Each person will have ample time to speak, without interruption, about the situation as they view it as well as the goals they hope to attain through mediation. Once everyone has had an opportunity to be heard, and objectives have been clarified, our mediators will help explore all potential options and help everyone reach mutually acceptable solutions. In addition to mediation, we will prepare a comprehensive settlement agreement and all appropriate court documents. It is our goal to help you save money, time and frustration by avoiding ever having to go to court. At Out-of-Court Solutions in Gilbert, we have helped over 95% of our clients resolve issues quickly, inexpensively and with minimum stress or strain.

When mediation is not necessary because everything has been mostly agreed upon but legal information is still needed, Out-of-Court Solutions in Gilbert offers document preparation services. With our document preparation service we will answer your questions and address your concerns as well as help prepare all of the required divorce documents. On your behalf, we will prepare all necessary divorce documents to make certain they are done correctly and help you address all necessary aspects such as legal, monetary and care of any minor children. With Out-of-Court Solutions, your documents will be accurately prepared so that you can rapidly, easily and inexpensively legally separate or divorce in Arizona.

List of Mediation and Document Preparation Services offered:

  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Family-Business
  • Post-Divorce Child Support, Custody, and Other Parenting Issues
  • Paternity
  • Prenuptial
  • Post-Nuptial

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