Importance of a Legally-Binding Co-Parenting Agreement

Whether you were married or not, if you have decided to separate from your spouse and you had children together you need a legally binding co-parenting agreement. Many people decide for various reasons to try to agree about a co-parenting plan without drafting and signing anything that is legally binding, but this is a mistake. Even in the most amicable of circumstances, having a legally binding co-parenting agreement is in the best interests of you, your spouse, and most importantly your children.

There is no need to hire an attorney or go to court to get the legally binding co-parenting agreement that you want. Rather, you can work with a mediator to resolve your custody, child support, and other child-related co-parenting matters. When you work with a reputable inexperienced mediator you and your spouse we’ll be able to reduce anger and better communicate to focus on what the best interests of the children are. This ultimately helps you more effectively and efficiently produce a durable co-parenting arrangement.

Having a legally–binding co-parenting agreement is important both now and down the line because it can serve as a basis for the resolution of other issues should they arise. And, if there is ever a question over what is fair or agreed upon it will be clearly laid out and you’re legally binding paperwork. This co-parenting agreement can also be amended down the line if needed. Consult with an experienced mediator to discuss how you can quickly and cost-effectively get the legally-binding co-parenting agreement that you need.

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