Start Divorce Without Your Spouse

Even if your spouse is hesitant or unwilling to divorce or legally separate, we make it easy for you to start proceedings on your own– for only $295.

Congratulations! You qualify for our low-cost and highly-effective “Flexible Program”— and can Get Started right now.

For only $395 (plus the fees everyone has to pay the court and any out of pocket expenses including for a process server) we will:

  • Prepare and file with the Court the Petition and other legal documents required to begin divorce or legal separation proceedings in Arizona,
  • Have your spouse served with the Petition and all other required legal documents along with a special “Notice to Respondent” that explains how our services will save both of you a lot of money, time and aggravation

Then, because mostly everyone wants to save money and time by working with us*, for only $500 more plus the fees everyone has to pay the court and any reasonable out of pocket expenses you and your spouse will get:

  • Our easy to use Questionnaire that was prepared by an Arizona attorney which covers all of the legal, financial, tax, and other matters typically involved in a divorce or legal separation [see sample]
  • A legally binding Settlement Agreement that makes everything clear and final about your property, debts, parenting of any minor children, and support matters [see sample]
  • All of the Legal Documents required to finalize your court proceedings by agreement which we file with the court on both of your behalf
  • The availability of one of our professional Mediators (who all have backgrounds in both law and psychology) to address any of your special questions or concerns, provide particular legal, financial, parenting, support and other information, or help you and your spouse settle any disagreements – and you and your spouse only pay for the actual time spent on a prorated hourly basis

You and your spouse will never have to go to court!

*In the unlikely event that your spouse is not willing to work with you and us, we will provide you with a list of Arizona attorneys who can represent your interests and finalize your matter by contested proceedings or you can always represent yourself.

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