Family Mediation in Arizona

Family Mediation

Upon the request of a family member, Out-of-Court Solutions explains the mediation process to the other family member(s), and invites them to participate. The mediation begins with the mediator explaining certain rules and procedures, and asking the participants to share their individual perspectives, concerns, and goals. Any sessions that follow involve a series of joint and separate conferences with the mediator helping participants communicate, negotiate, resolve issues, and reach agreement. Upon resolution, the mediator prepares a written agreement detailing the decisions made by the participants.


Divorce & Legal Separation: Mediation of the issues involved in divorce and legal separation reduces emotional stress, financial cost, and parental conflict. Couples make informed decisions about property rights, debts, custody, and support – without incurring the cost and adversity of two separate lawyers.

Post-Divorce Parenting & Support: Mediation greatly reduces the cost and expedites agreements concerning revisions of parenting plans, custody arrangements, and child support.

Family Businesses: Disagreements that arise between family members doing business together are resolved quickly, inexpensively, and privately through mediation. Relationships are likely to be normalized and organizational success is enhanced.

Elder Care: Family mediatiors help adult children identify and resolve the financial, medical, and other issues common to the care of elderly parents and other relatives. Privacy is assured and expense is minimized.

Estate/Inheritance: Mediation reduces the probability of family litigation stemming from inheritance and estate issues. The adversarial aspects of these disputes that are common to court-based proceedings are eliminated, saving significant time and expense.

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