Collaborative Divorce

At the very outset of the collaborative divorce process, both attorneys pledge in writing not to go to court under any circumstances. Indeed, both of the collaborative lawyers pledge to withdraw should one party become dissatisfied, threaten to go to court, or if settlement cannot be achieved.

Benefits Of
Divorce Mediation

What are my options and how do they compare?


Mediated Divorce

Attorney Divorce

You maintain control Yes No
You make the final decisions Yes Sometimes
It‘s totally private and confidential Yes No
It‘s cost efficient (saves you money) Yes No
It‘s time efficient (can be done quickly) Yes No
The process guarantees safe and respecful communications and negotiations Yes No
It reduces your fear, stress & hostility Yes No
It helps you create long-lasting, practical agreements Yes Sometimes
It addresses the emotional psychological aspects of disputes. Yes No
It equalizes power and information imbalances Yes No
It has the highest post-agreement compliance rate (both parties honor their decisions) Yes No

Does a pledge of settlement serve the best interests of the clients?

On the surface, these pledges would appear to foster the best interests of the divorcing couple. However, it also creates a singular objective, namely, settlement. Any and all other options short of settlement are unacceptable, meaning that the attorneys are not only interested in settlement – as are most mediators and even some adversarial lawyers – but are totally invested, indeed driven, by it! After all, under this pledge both attorneys are out of a job if one party becomes dissatisfied with the collaborative process, threatens litigation, or if settlement negotiations reach an impasse.

It thus seems reasonable to ask and be concerned about whether this overriding commitment to settlement actually serves the best interests of collaborative clients. For instance, to what length will one or both of the collaborative attorneys go to achieve settlement – and carve another “settled” notch in their belts? Might this pledge consciously or unconsciously influence how an attorney communicates with or behaves toward his or her client? Might it also influence how the attorneys interact with each other? And, might it affect how many of a client’s rights and interests one or both attorneys might be willing to sacrifice to achieve settlement?

Divorce Mediation FAQs

Q: How can I get my questions answered?

During your free consultation, our Mediator will answer your questions and explain how our time-tested mediation and court document preparation services work.

Q: How much do your services cost?

Every situation is different. That’s why our Mediator will give you a written cost estimate after learning about your particular situation and determining which of our Low Cost programs best serves your needs.

Q: Can I come to the consultation alone?

It’s usually best for both you and your spouse to get information about our services at the same time.

Q: What happens at a free consultation?

Our mediator will answer your questions, make sure he understands your situation, and because everyone’s circumstances are different give you a written time and cost estimate.

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Q: Can we still mediate if one of us has already filed for divorce or legal separation, and/or retained an attorney?

Yes, it never too late to avoid the hostility, stress, and substantial cost involved in using separate adversarial lawyers and court system.

Q: What if one of us doesn’t live in Arizona?

Not a problem. Under Arizona law, only one spouse must have resided here for 90 days or more, and we can mediate your situation by email, teleconference, and/or videoconference.

Q: What if one or both of us wants help from an independent attorney?

With us, employing an independent attorney is an option but not a requirement. In fact, we provide all of our clients with a list of attorneys who are expert in divorce matters, do not charge any upfront retainer fees, and act as consultants rather than combatants.

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