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    We make it easy for unmarried parents to resolve all custody, child support and other child-related co-parenting matters quickly and inexpensively

    What is a Co-Parenting Agreement?

    A co-parenting agreement is a legally binding contract under which unmarried parents delineate their respective rights and obligations regarding a minor child(ren).

    Why Mediate a Co-Parenting Agreement?

    It is well-established that mediation is the least expensive and stressful way to resolve any disagreements without the hostility and substantial cost of using two traditional lawyers. During a co-parenting mediation, the Mediator helps parents communicate and negotiate effectively, offers different options and alternative for resolving issues, and provides legal, financial, tax, and other child-related matters — all directed towards each parent making informed decisions.

    With an experienced and expert Mediator, unmarried parents can rest assured that nothing has been overlooked and everything is legally binding including for example custody arrangements (“Legal Decision Making”), the child support amount, a time-sharing schedule for weekdays, weekends, holidays, and vacations, the payment of health insurance coverage for a minor child(ren), child-related tax deductions and credits, and many other important minor child-related matters.

    The Benefits of a Court Ordered Co-Parenting Agreement

    A co-parenting agreement without a court order is simply a contract between unmarried parents — and as with any type of contract implies that both parents will perform their obligations in good faith. But if later on a parent does not perform his or her obligations as agreed (for example, the payment of child support), enforcement is only available if the other parent begins court proceedings (which can take many months to complete and involve substantial attorney fees).

    With a court ordered co-parenting agreement neither parent has to rely on the goodwill of the other. From the outset, each parents’ obligations are readily enforceable. So while a co-parenting agreement without a court order may work in the short-term, it’s long-term effectiveness is unlikely.

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    See how our experience and divorce mediation infused with law and psychology can help you save time, money and stress.

    Private & You Keep Control

    Your particular concerns and goals about custody, time-sharing, child support and all other child-related matters will be addressed privately, not open to the public as with court-based proceedings. We incorporate everything you decided during mediation in a personalized and legally-binding settlement agreement and all required court documents. You keep control, you won’t surrender it lawyers and a judge, and will never have to go to court.

    Cost & Time Effective

    Our services cost a small fraction of using lawyers regardless your circumstances. And everything will be finalized in much less time than the eight to fifteen months typical when using lawyers in the court-based system.

    Best for Children

    Our mediation process will serve the best interests of your children. With our expertise in psychology (and mediation and law), we are adept at reducing the anxiety and stress that is more than likely to intensify when oppositional lawyers are involved.

    What Does your Mediator Do?

    In addition to their 20+ years of mediation experience, our Mediators have backgrounds in both law and psychology and are highly effective in making sure that unmarried couples with minor children make fully informed decisions about child support, custody (“Legal Decision-making) time-sharing, and all other legal and financial issues involved in their situation. After parents who are not married have decided everything, our Mediator prepares a comprehensive and legally binding co-parenting agreement.

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    Oliver and his staff made this difficult time in our lives so much easier. The approach to divorce was handled with concern for our emotional, as well as financial, well-being. We both came out feeling as though we were treated fairly and given sound advice for going forward.

    Tracy R

    My experience using Out-of-Court-Solutions was extremely positive and I highly recommend their services to anyone facing as difficult a situation as a divorce or separation.

    Jenna Marie

    The professionalism, organization, ability to completely explain and make aware of all the options possible were kindly delivered by Oliver. I would not look anywhere else for a better mediator

    Judy Barreto

    Out-of-Court Solutions guided us through the difficult process of divorce. Valuable information was provided that enabled us to formulate intelligent decisions.

    Sherry Wright

    Out-of-Court Solutions guided us through the difficult process of divorce. Valuable information was provided that enabled us to formulate intelligent decisions. Both our mediator and his support staff were very supportive when emotions surfaced and due to their calm and professional approach made a tough situation easier to navigate.

    Sherry Almond

    I could not have hoped for a better experience in reaching a settlement. I’m forever grateful for Oliver’s help. He’s the best!

    David Rogers

    Out-of-Court Solutions provided me the information I needed to make all the necessary, and sometimes difficult, decisions during my divorce. They walked me through every aspect of the divorce process and promptly answered all my phone and email inquiries. Their compassion, guidance and knowledge combined with their affordability is why I give them a 5 star recommendation. Thank you Amanda, Cassie and Tamara!

    Joanne Gutierrez
    Out of Court Solutions