Unmarried Parents - Co-Parenting Agreements

We make it easy for unmarried parents to resolve all custody, child support and other child-related costs and matters quickly and inexpensively – for only $595 (plus any court required filing fees) payable in 2 easy installments.

Step One ($295): You sit down with the mediator to discuss your matter. When you and the other parent decide to participate in this program, we email each of you our easy to use Questionnaire to complete and return to us. This extensive Questionnaire (See Sample) will make sure that all matters are covered including, for example, custody, child support and time-sharing schedules.

Step Two ($300): The Questionnaire is returned to our office for us to: (1) determine whether there are any missing, incomplete or unclear answers and/or you or the parent has requested that our Mediator provide legal or other information or mediate any disagreements; and, (2) draft your legally-binding co-parenting agreement.

Optional Mediation: If you want our Mediator to help resolve any disagreements between you and the other parent or provide legal or other information, the Mediator’s time is billed at the pro-rated amount of $350 per hour – but you only pay for the time the mediator spends.

Optional Step Three Court Proceedings: If you want to have your legally binding co-parenting agreement filed with the court to ease its enforcement should any problems arise later, there is an additional $300 flat-fee plus the two filing fees everyone must pay (for example, in Maricopa County, $611).

What Does your Mediator Do?

In addition to 20+ years of mediation experience, our Mediator, Oliver Ross, JD*, PhD has backgrounds in in law, psychology and business, and is highly effective in making sure that unmarried couples with minor children make fully informed decisions about child support, custody (“Legal Decision-making) time-sharing, and all other legal and financial issues involved in their situation. After parents who are not married have decided everything, our Mediator prepares a comprehensive and legally binding co-parenting agreement.

How does Mediation Benefit Children?

Our Mediator helps parents focus on the best interests of their child(ren). Mediation through Out-of-Court Solutions reduces parental anger, increases parental communication, and produces durable co-parenting arrangements.

What if We Already Decided a Lot of Matters?

These agreements can serve as a basis for resolution of other issues and overall agreement, decreasing the time and cost of reaching complete agreement.

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