Divorce Without Lawyers

95% of the time, divorce without lawyers is the best option by far. This is because divorce mediation significantly reduces cost, time and hostility, everything is confidential, and you keep control.

Divorce Without Lawyers

Mediating your divorce in the state of Arizona without lawyers is also the best way to go because it is unethical for one lawyer to represent both parties to a divorce. Mediators, on the other hand, can provide both parties with the legal, financial and tax information they need to make fully informed decisions about each and every matter involved in their divorce. Furthermore, some mediators including those with Out-of-Court Solutions make it clear that using attorneys is always an option (not a requirement) so long as these lawyers function as “consultants” not “combatants.”

Through mediation with Out-of-Court Solutions, divorcing couples are assured that all of their property, debt, support and child-related matters have been completely settled and that they have been included in a legally binding agreement. They are also assured that their divorce is concluded quickly, inexpensively, and with as little stress and strain as possible – all without lawyers.

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