Arizona Divorce Doc Prep

Unlike other legal document preparation and mediation firms, we do everything for you in 3 easy and inexpensive steps – quickly, thoroughly, and inexpensively.

Arizona Divorce Document Preparation

If your spouse will cooperate to make sure any questions get answered, any disagreements are resolved, and nothing has been missed concerning division of your property and debts, spousal support, and parenting and support arrangements for any minor child(ren).

• STEP 1 – You click the “Get Started Now” button to provide us with all of the information required for us to prepare your PETITION and other initial court documents

• STEP 2 – We provide you and your spouse with an Arizona attorney prepared QUESTIONNAIRE (See Sample) that covers all of the legal, financial, tax, support, and minor child(ren) parenting issues typical in divorce or legal separation proceedings in Arizona

• STEP 3 – We review the answers to the Questionnaire, arrange any as-needed mediation, and then prepare both a COMPLETE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT  (See Sample) and your  divorce or legal separation FINAL DECREE documents


• You and your spouse NEVER have to GO TO COURT



• FLAT FEE of $695 without minor child(ren) or $795 with minor child(ren) (plus the filing fees that the court charges)

• Payable in 3 INSTALLMENTS ($295, $200, $200 or $300 if with minor child(ren)


OPTIONAL AS-NEEDED MEDIATION: 95% of our clients complete their matter without any mediation time. However, if you have any special questions or concerns, disagreements, or need additional legal, financial, or tax information, we will arrange a teleconference, video-conference, or in-person meeting with one of our professional Mediators who have backgrounds in both law and psychology – and you only pay for the time spent on a pro-rated hourly basis!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Divorce Document Preparation with As-Needed Mediation Program?
It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to legally separate or get a divorce in Arizona – but still make sure that nothing important has been overlooked.

Who would benefit from this Program?
Any divorcing or legally separating couple in Arizona who already agree on most things – but want professional help to make sure everything has been covered, to avoid making any mistakes or hassles with the Court system, and have a legally binding settlement agreement.

How does this Program work?
Everything gets done Online, by Email, Telephone, or Video-Conference in only 3 steps. With our easy to use forms, Questionnaire, and professional live-person support staff, our clients never have to appear in Court or even travel to our office.

What if one of us isn’t in Arizona?
That’s not a problem so long as one of you has resided in Arizona for at least 90 days.

What if we have special questions or need additional legal information?
We will arrange a telephone conference, video conference, or an in–person meeting with one of our professional Mediators who all have backgrounds in law and psychology – and you will only pay for the time spent on a pro-rated hourly basis!

How long does it take?
Usually less than 90 days including Arizona’s mandatory 60-day waiting period. We track all Court deadlines and do everything else to complete your divorce as quickly as possible.


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