How Divorce Mediation Works

How Mediation Works

Step 1: Free Consultation – Written Time and Cost Estimate

This Step gives you and your spouse an opportunity to get answers your questions and a clear understanding of the time and cost involved – from start to finish.Our Mediator answers your particular questions, clarifies how our mediation process differs from using attorneys and other mediators, explains how our mediation process typically works, and provides a written “Time and Cost Estimate”.


Step 2: Starting – Mediation Rules and Procedures

This Step provides a time and cost saving roadmap and respectful boundaries for the mediation. To begin, our Mediator explains the mediation “Rules & Procedures” for defining our Mediator’s role and ensuring full disclosure of property and debts, an atmosphere of mutual respect, the best interests of any minor children, and an equitable resolution of all matters.


Step 3: Getting Current

This Step brings our Mediator up to speed about your situation and also sets the table for having all of the information and documents needed later on in the mediation process for you and your spouse to make fully informed decisions and resolve all matters quickly and inexpensively. You and your spouse disclose any matters about which you already agree or don’t agree, share your individual concerns if not worries or fears, and state your goals for the mediation. Our Mediator asks questions about your individual educational and career backgrounds, incomes, finances, and health condition. Our Mediator also requests you and your spouse provide information and documents relevant to your situation.


Step 4: Mediating

This Step gives you and your spouse a safe and supportive space to work with our Mediator to successfully mediate all issues involved in your matter, including how your property will be divided, your debts allocated, and any co-parenting, child support, and spousal maintenance matters. Most mediations without minor children typically take 3-5 hours to complete, while those with minor children typically take 5-7 hours. With his extensive background in law, business, and psychology, and his extraordinary expertise in mediation, our Mediator will help both you and your spouse communicate and negotiate effectively, offer various options and alternatives for resolving disagreements, and provide legal, financial, tax, and other relevant information – all directed towards one central goal: to ensure that you and your spouse make fully informed decisions about each and every matter involved in your situation.


Step 5: Settlement Agreement – Court Documents

This Step ensures that all decisions made in Step 4 are included in a legally-binding settlement agreement, all court documents are accurately prepared, and you and spouse never have to go to Court. Our time-tested and all-inclusive settlement agreements and court documents assures that there are no loose ends and are guaranteed to be approved by the Court. You and your spouse can rest assured you won’t ever have to surrender control to an attorney or a Judge.

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