Meet The Mediators

Founded in 1995 by Oliver Ross, JD*, PhD, Out-of-Court Solutions is the leading mediation firm for divorce or separation in Arizona. It is widely praised for helping divorcing and legally separating couples resolve their differences quickly, caringly and inexpensively.

About Out-of-Court Solutions

Drawing on his unique background in law, business and psychology, Oliver originated the highly effective and acclaimed Situational™ approach to mediation. All Out-of-Court Solutions’ mediators must have expertise in law and psychology, and be certified in the Situational™ approach to mediation – which assures that clients get the experienced and expert guidance needed for them to make fully informed decisions and reach durable agreements.

Out-of-Court Solutions is ready to serve you throughout Arizona, including: Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Glendale, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Peoria, Goodyear, Anthem, Flagstaff, and Casa Grande.

Meet the Mediators

With their expertise in law, business, psychology and mediation, our mediators are adept at resolving disputes quickly, caringly and inexpensively.

Oliver Ross, JD*, PhD founded Out-of-Court Solutions Inc. in 1995 and since then has mediated over 3,000 divorce and family matters. He is a select member of the Maricopa Superior Court Family Mediation roster. Dr. Ross is uniquely qualified as a mediator. He was a trial attorney for nineteen years and is still licensed to practice law in *California only; he operated a family-owned business for five years, and earned a Master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1992 and a Doctorate in behavioral psychology in 1994.
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Kimberlee Handy, Esq. utilizes her backgrounds in law, psychology, and family development to help divorcing or legally separating clients mediate their differences and reach their goals quickly, caringly, and inexpensively. Kimberlee’s years of experience in mediation greatly enhances a mediating couple’s ability to effectively and efficiently divide property, allocate debts, develop a parenting plan for any minor children, and devise appropriate support amounts.
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