Divorce Without Lawyers

Common Reasons for Divorce

Common Reasons for Divorce While knowing the cause of your divorce may not reverse it, it can help you prevent it from occurring if caught early on and addressed appropriately. In most cases, there is not just one set reason, and not all relationships fail for the same reason. Here are some of the common…

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Why Divorce Without Lawyers Is a Better Path to Take

Divorce can be a very intimidating and overwhelming process. Lawyers may add to the stress because of the adversarial nature they tend to bring to the case and the high fees they require. A better option for most people to consider is a divorce without lawyers. That doesn’t mean doing it without any help, an…

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Can I Represent Myself In A Divorce?

Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Phoenix Divorce Mediator: “Yes, that’s definitely an option, representing yourself in divorce. When there’s very little, if anything, involved, for example, no minor children, no home involved, no substantial assets or property of any value, not a lot of credit card debt. When it’s really simple, people have represented themselves and…

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