10 Reasons Why to Mediate Your Divorce?

1. Mediation drastically decreases if not entirely eliminates the hostility, stress and costs common to using lawyers and court-based proceedings is.

2. Mediating parties, not a lawyer or judge, control all decision-making.

3. Mediation focuses on solutions not problems making sure that both parties make fully informed decisions.

4. The best interests of children are of paramount importance in mediation, especially when the mediator has backgrounds in both law and psychology.

5. Mediating parties have the choice of involving independent attorneys but as consultants not combatants.

6. Mediation is personalized. It allows the parties to be creative and find creative results.

7. Courts continue to be overworked and underfunded, and Judges are forced to work through cases hurriedly. Mediation has no such limitations.

8. Mediation is private while Court proceedings are public, conducted in the presence of strangers with the opposing lawyers and the judge likely asking some unnerving questions.

9. Mediation proceeds at a pace and place convenient to the parties. Court proceedings proceed at the convenience of the lawyers and judge.

10. 95% of parties who hire lawyers ultimately settle. Only 5% actually go to trial because sooner or later 95% become emotionally and financially drained.

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