3 Common Divorce Mediation Questions Answered

When it comes to divorce, almost everyone has at least a few questions. But, how do you get your questions answered? And, if you are working with a divorce mediator, will the answers be in your best interest? It is important to trust your divorce mediator and feel free to ask any questions that may arise, at any point. There are some common questions we do run across and so we want to cover some of these to help make your divorce mediation process easier and more efficient.

1. How do I know what the cost will be?

Your initial consultation is completely free. It is recommended that both parties attend the initial consultation, whether in-person or via teleconference or video conference. During the initial consultation, your questions will be answered and our mediator will assess your unique situation to give you a written time and cost estimate.

2. What if one of us already hired an attorney and started the divorce process?

It is never too late and you have never gone too far in the divorce process to work with a divorce mediator. This wi help you avoid hostility, stress, and additional substantial cost due to separate attorneys by working to effectively communicate and negotiate with a mutual mediator outside of the court system.

3. What if one of us no longer lives in Arizona?

During a time when many families are not separated by miles but by states, it is not uncommon for one spouse to live in a different state during the divorce process. With mediation, this is not a problem! Under Arizona law, only one spouse needs to have resided in Arizona for 90 days or more to file for divorce and our mediators can work with your unique situation by email, teleconference, or videoconference to complete your divorce mediation.

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