3 Divorce Decree Modification Options

While most everyone hopes that once a divorce is final, the details of the relationship and divorce never have to be revisited, that is not always the case. Your divorce settlement determines how assets are divided, how custody is divided, how much child support or spousal support must be paid, etc. And, while all of those terms may sound good now, there may be circumstances that arise which would necessitate a divorce decree modification. Many people do not realize that a divorce decree can be modified but it can and below we take a closer look at the circumstances where modification can be pursued.

1. Spousal Support

Spousal support is common in most divorces and may be paid by either spouse to the other depending on various factors including assets, living expenses, children, income, and more. If one spouse has experienced a change of employment or income, or an unanticipated expense may be grounds to modify spousal maintenance agreements.

2. Child Support

Similar to spousal support, if a change in income, employment, or expenses arises, it may be grounds to modify a child support agreement.

3. Child Custody

A child custody agreement modification may be necessary if there is a change in living circumstances, moving, safety concerns, educational needs, or there is a change in the child’s preferences. What is best for the child will be the primary consideration in a child custody modification.

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