3 Ideal Candidates for Divorce Mediation

Litigating a divorce in a courtroom may be common but that doesn’t mean it is easy or best. Though we believe almost any couple would be better off with divorce mediation rather than litigation, you may be wondering if you and your spouse would be successful in divorce mediation. An experienced divorce mediator can assist couples in navigating difficult and even hostile situations with respect and fairness. But, if you are still wondering if you should pursue divorce mediation, below we have outlined 3 types of ideal candidates for divorce mediation.

3 Ideal Candidates for Divorce Mediation

Couples That Are Amicable

This may seem obvious but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Couples that can get along on most issues can save a lot of time and money with divorce mediation rather than litigation. Divorce is very costly and can take a long time so if you are amicable and want to avoid a lot of headaches, wasted time, and wasted money, divorce mediation is the perfect option.

Couples That Are Honest

Divorce mediation is beneficial to both spouses because it keeps everyone’s best interests in mind, is fair, and facilitates more effective communication. When separating things like finances, property, assets, and child custody, honesty is paramount. But, unfortunately, if you know your spouse is hiding things like money or has chosen to conceal things or be deceitful, lawyers, private investigators, and courtroom litigation may, unfortunately, be necessary. But, if you can be honest, meditation can move quickly and fairly.

Couples Who Struggle to Communicate

This may sound counterintuitive but if you and your spouse struggle to communicate honestly, effectively, or kindly, divorce mediation is ideal for limiting stress and emotional pain while making fair decisions for everyone. A mediator will help guide and facilitate effective communication to keep your divorce efficient, fair, and respectful.

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