3 Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

When you have decided to divorce you have to determine just how you’ll go about doing so. We have all seen the movies and shows that depict each spouse racing to get the most aggressive attorney they can find in order to “win.” And, while this certainly happens in real life also, it is not the only option. No matter the circumstances of your divorce, most people do not want to add stress, hostility, and additional financial depletion to the mix. Divorce mediation is an excellent alternative to traditional court room divorce. When you choose divorce mediation you choose a process that incorporates law and psychology with the ultimate goal of helping you save time, money, and stress so that you can get the divorce you need sooner.  Below, we take a closer look at three reasons that you should consider divorce mediation.

1. Divorce mediation is cost and time effective. 

Divorce mediation is often a small fraction of the cost of using lawyers which will save you money. Court room divorce takes time and all of those billable hours add up. Divorce mediation is finalized in much less time so you can be divorced sooner and for less money.

2. Divorce mediation is private and personalized.

Everything that is discussed and decided during mediation is incorporating your personalized and legally binding settlement agreement as well as all required court documents. This allows you to keep control of the situation without having to surrender it to lawyers and the judge.

3. Divorce mediation reduces hostility and stress.

Experience divorce mediators know how to work with spouses in an effective way that reduces anger and sadness which tends to lead to hostility and stress. A mediator helps you navigate difficult emotional situations which. allows you to agree on fair and equitable decisions.

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