3 Ways Divorce Mediation Can Help Manage Your Anger During Your Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally trying time for most people. Many soon-to-be divorcees feel sad, overwhelmed, alone and confused. Most feel angry. If you’re going through divorce and are surprised at the level of anger you feel, know that you are not alone. However, though anger is normal, it is not conducive to a successful divorce. If you want to help your divorce along and get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible, you need to manage your anger. Divorce mediation can help you do that.

How Mediation Can Help Manage Your Anger

Many professionals will tell you that you cannot go through mediation if you are angry, but the truth is that mediation may be the best thing for angry divorcing couples. Here are three ways mediation can help control your emotions and ensure a smooth divorce:

1. Mediation Can Help Manage Expectations

Most couples divorce because either one or both parties’ expectations for the marriage were not met. When peoples’ expectations are not met, those people try to control their situations. When they cannot do that, they get angry. If you are angry because you feel as if your spouse let you down in some way, a mediator can help. A mediator can help reveal your control-based expectations and free you of them so that you can move toward a mutual understanding.

2. Mediation Can Stop the Blame Game

When participants of a marriage feel let down by their partners, they revert to the blame game. It takes two to get married and it takes two to get divorced. No one party is completely innocent in a marriage, something that a mediator can help couples realize.

3. Mediation Can Help Couples Reach an Agreement

When couples play the blame game, it is nearly impossible for their lawyers or a judge to reach an agreement that both parties are satisfied with. Mediation can help dissuade the anger and therefore, help couples work together to arrive at an agreement both are happy with.

If all you can see is red during your divorce, you may benefit from mediation. Talk to your lawyer about the process today.