4 Things To Consider When Deciding if Divorce Mediation Is the Right For You

There are many reasons why separating couples choose divorce mediation over hiring attorneys and navigating the court system. If you find yourself going through this often painful life experience, you owe it to yourself and your family to explore all your options before divorce proceedings begin. Choosing the right method for finalizing your separation can make the process less agonizing, stressful and expensive. Read on for five aspects of divorce mediation to help you decide if this is the best course of action.

1. Take Control of Decision Making

Divorce mediation requires you and your partner to bring your concerns, needs and ideas to the table. The two of you, along with the assistance of your mediator, work together to come up with logical and sometimes creative solutions. All parties involved make decisions and agree to the terms, rather than sides being argued by individual attorneys and final decisions being made by a judge.

2. Enjoy a Higher Level of Privacy

Unlike the traditional court system, discussions had and terms agreed to are private when couples choose mediation. Mediation doesn’t require going to trial, where transcripts and rulings are made public.

3. Value Your Time and Finances

Utilizing divorce mediation often equates to saving both valuable time and money. Without the need for lawyers and a possible lengthy court trial, details are often agreed to and finalized much faster and with a smaller price tag.

4. Put the Well Being of the Family First

Working together through divorce mediation often reduces stress, anxiety and animosity between separating couples. This is especially important if there are children involved. This process keeps the needs of the family in mind and provides the opportunity for peacefully coming to a mutual agreement.

Choosing to separate is no easy decision to make. For many, divorce mediation is the solution that keeps the process amicable, affordable and less stressful.