5 Benefits to Getting Divorced Without Hiring Lawyers

Divorce is never easy. It’s an emotionally fraught time for all involved, compounded by teams of lawyers fighting for their clients. It becomes less about the people involved and more about who can walk away with more. But it needn’t be like that. Many couples choose divorce mediation because of its high success rate: it successfully resolves nearly 90% of divorce cases. Here are five reasons why couples going through a divorce are now opting for mediation.

Saves You Money

The more you resolve yourselves, the less you pay in lawyer fees. You may still need a lawyer to make any final agreements legally binding, but with successful mediation, their involvement will be minimal.

Helps You Stay in Control

You can quickly lose control when lawyers become involved. Things you didn’t care about challenging are suddenly brought up in legal disputes, or you lose something you cared deeply about because it doesn’t fit in with their negotiations. Mediation allows you to stay firmly in control the whole way through.

A Less Confrontational Experience

Mediators are trained in managing confrontation. They work with both parties to diffuse hostility, enabling them to discuss points of negotiation rationally – something lawyers are neither equipped to do nor have any interest in. This is particularly important when children are involved as it helps keep a positive environment for them.

Information Can Be Shared Between Both Parties

While in most states it’s illegal for both parties to share the same lawyer, this isn’t the case when it comes to mediators. A mediator can inform both parties with the same tax, financial and legal information, making it easier to make well-informed decisions between them.

More Collaborative

The mediation environment empowers both parties to come to an amicable solution. Often, given the opportunity, couples find these conversations easier when encouraged to have an open dialogue. They’re rarely given this chance when meeting in a law firm.

If divorce mediation isn’t something you’ve considered before, take some time to look into it. It could save you money and resolve the situation more amicably, more swiftly, than going through lawyers.