5 Reasons To Consider a Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce, by definition, is about communication and working with one another. Most of these divorces are resolved outside of a courtroom and without lawyers, only requiring a mediator to help move negotiations along. There are at least five reasons to consider a collaborative divorce, especially if the decision to separate is mutual.

1. Avoid Court Scheduling Issues

It is no surprise that the court system is combatting a perpetual backlog, which means the dreams of a timely divorce are unlikely. However, through the collaborative process, you can avoid the backlog and random court scheduling issues by handling most of the process on your own.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When a divorce goes to trial, it is not long before feelings of anxiety and stress take over. The intimidating process of lawyers and judges piled on top of the emotional weight of the situation is the perfect storm for doubt, confusion, anger and frustration. A mediated process removes a lot of the formality, enabling people to communicate naturally.

3. Reach a Private Resolution

Contested divorce proceedings are uncomfortable primarily because of the airing of private grievances to strangers. A collaborative divorce is more intimate, meaning that couples can reach a more private resolution.

4. Limit Formal Conversations

Courtrooms are filled with legal jargon and language that strips away any semblance of emotional appeal. Unfortunately, reducing language to calculated, instruction-manual type dialogue can hinder progress. When people can share their emotional struggles and responses, they can also free their creativity, often resulting in better solutions to marital disputes.

5. Save Money

Finally, divorce proceedings are expensive. Attorneys cost thousands of dollars, and then you need to add court costs and other related expenses. A collaborative divorce requires only a fraction of those costs, especially when lawyers are not necessary.

If you need to dissolve your marriage, then consider a collaborative process. Why cause further suffering and pain by drawing out the inevitable?

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