5 Reasons Why Divorce Mediation is Better than Litigation

1. Reduced Hostility

Because a mediator represents both parties, it eliminates the inherent conflict created when opposing lawyers are fighting on opposite sides. In addition, mediators have training in not only law but in psychology as well. Part of this preparation is to identify areas of potential conflict at the beginning of the process and prepare for ways to mitigate this conflict. Finally, a mediator will recommend vetted, local mental health professionals if he or she sees your family could benefit from additional assistance dealing with the repercussions of divorce.

2. Improved Communications

Mediation requires the participants to talk to each other – rather than through lawyers – which results in increased communication between the divorcing parties. Practiced and moderated dialogue can help improve the relationship outside the legal system as well. This improvement could be especially significant if there are children involved, and the parties will forever be in each other’s lives.

3. Quicker Process

Mediation requires fewer people to be involved in the process. Fewer people minimizes the stress and tension created by multiple scheduling conflicts when setting meetings, as well as reduces the number of decision-makers involved. All of this can help reduce the time from the moment you decide to engage a professional to help negotiate the end of your marriage to settling into your new life.

4. Less Expensive

The more time and people involved in a divorce settlement directly relates to increased costs for the separating parties. Also, since mediators are trained in the law and psychology, don’t necessarily have post-graduate degrees in these areas, the cost of a mediation will be lower than the price of litigation, regardless of the time involved.

5. Easier on the Entire Family

Divorce is a complicated process. Because mediation is designed to reduce conflict, increase communication, and shorten the negotiation process compared to court litigation, it will be easier for you and your children.

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