What if I Need an Arizona Child Support Modification?

Agreements to child and spousal support are modifiable. Modifiable means that either party can request that the support be increased or decreased if there is a material change in circumstances such as the age of the child/ren, an increase in salary, a job loss, extended illness or disability. If the supported household got a high paying job, the supporting party could then request a downward modification of child support. The same would be true for the inverse; if the supporting party were to get a big increase in salary, the other person could request an upward adjustment in child support.

The courts determine an Arizona child support Guideline amount. The purpose of having Guidelines for child support is to provide consistency—a uniform starting place for discussion and negotiation concerning child support. Such Guidelines are derived from periodic economic studies that determine the amount of money typically spent by families with differing numbers of children and income levels; they specify both parents’ “total support obligation.” Arizona’s current Guidelines are available at http://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov.

In many states, including Arizona, each parent’s share of the total support obligation is based on a percentage of their combined gross income.1


1 The American Bar Association provides tables summarizing child support guidelines in all 50 states at www.americanbar.org

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