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Dividing Community Property and Debts in Mediation

When explaining community property laws during divorce mediation, clients frequently respond: “But he didn’t pay for any of my new car or the monthly payments. It is all coming from my income – you’re saying that he is entitled to half of its value?” or “So you’re saying it doesn’t matter if she was unfaithful?…

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Mediation Friendly Attorneys

As a mediator I provide divorcing couples with legal information as opposed to legal advice. However, wanting my clients to have additional support from an independent attorney if either one or both of them wants it, I also provide my clients with a list of what I call “mediation friendly” attorneys who can give them…

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The Emotional and Financial Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Few events impact one’s life as profoundly as a divorce. During this time, major life decisions are required related to one’s children, finances and living situation, to name a few. Intense emotions often accompany these decisions and discussions; hurt, sadness, frustration and anger are often involved. So, it is no wonder that divorce is estimated…

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What Is the Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation?

Video Transcript Oliver Ross: “The difference between legal separation and divorce (in Arizona) is that the marriage continues in legal separation, where in divorce the marriage ends. That’s pretty obvious. With legal separation, the marriage continues, but the community is separated. In other words, as of a certain date in the court process, each spouse’s…

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Part 2: Pre-Mediation Consultation

After a moment’s contemplation, Mary responds: “I tried for a long time. He wouldn’t go to counseling and now he says I’m the one who hasn’t worked on it. I can’t live with him anymore—with his drinking and all. I never know when he’s going to yell at me or the kids.” “Oh sure, Mary….

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Part 1: Pre-Mediation Consultation

John and Mary Smith arrive at my office for a pre-mediation consultation. Mary had called to arrange for the consultation, informing my assistant of her intent to divorce John. Just as passengers preparing to travel by airplane select a particular airline, flight, and seat number, people preparing for mediation such as Mary and John select…

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What Is The Difference Between Sole Custody And Joint Custody?

August 12, 2013 – Phoenix, Arizona Learn About Phoenix Arizona Child Custody Procedures Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Phoenix Mediator: “Sole custody and joint custody, first of all, have nothing to do with how divorcing parents spend time with their children. It’s been a common misconception that, somehow, sole custody meant that one parent would have…

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Can I Represent Myself In A Divorce?

Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Phoenix Divorce Mediator: “Yes, that’s definitely an option, representing yourself in divorce. When there’s very little, if anything, involved, for example, no minor children, no home involved, no substantial assets or property of any value, not a lot of credit card debt. When it’s really simple, people have represented themselves and…

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What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

Scottsdale divorce mediator explains the process of a collaborative divorce Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Owner of Out-of-Court Solutions: “Collaborative divorce is a process in which each spouse, each party to the divorce, has their own attorney and the attorneys involve accountants if there is substantial amount of assets involved. The attorneys might involve psychologists, if…

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