Mediation Friendly Attorneys

As a mediator I provide divorcing couples with legal information as opposed to legal advice. However, wanting my clients to have additional support from an independent attorney if either one or both of them wants it, I also provide my clients with a list of what I call “mediation friendly” attorneys who can give them legal advice.

The independent attorneys who are included on the mediation friendly list I provide divorcing couples have years of experience in family law and are willing to charge on an hourly basis without any upfront fee or deposit. They are also predisposed to help a client reach an equitable settlement without the hostility and cost endemic to litigation through the courts.

Thus, independent attorneys can be included in mediation, but as “consultants” rather than “combatants”. This is an option not a requirement, but it offers a time and cost savings way for clients to get legal advice without having to suffer the prolonged hostility and tension that is otherwise sure to occur in adversarial court-based proceedings.

Oliver Ross, JD, PhD

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