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What Is The Difference Between Sole Custody And Joint Custody?

August 12, 2013 – Phoenix, Arizona Learn About Phoenix Arizona Child Custody Procedures Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Phoenix Mediator: “Sole custody and joint custody, first of all, have nothing to do with how divorcing parents spend time with their children. It’s been a common misconception that, somehow, sole custody meant that one parent would have…

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Can I Represent Myself In A Divorce?

Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Phoenix Divorce Mediator: “Yes, that’s definitely an option, representing yourself in divorce. When there’s very little, if anything, involved, for example, no minor children, no home involved, no substantial assets or property of any value, not a lot of credit card debt. When it’s really simple, people have represented themselves and…

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What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

Scottsdale divorce mediator explains the process of a collaborative divorce Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Owner of Out-of-Court Solutions: “Collaborative divorce is a process in which each spouse, each party to the divorce, has their own attorney and the attorneys involve accountants if there is substantial amount of assets involved. The attorneys might involve psychologists, if…

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Are There Any Actions To Take Prior To Legal Separation Or Divorce?

It is important to keep yourself centered during a divorce Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Glendale Divorce Mediator: “I would suggest the actions you take are directed towards getting yourself centered while in the midst of the emotions that are so common and normal for people to experience when they’re considering divorce; the anger, the sadness,…

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Half Built Homes and Divorce

During a divorce, decisions regarding the marital home often involve difficult financial and emotional considerations. The divorcing couple must decide whether one person will stay in the home, whether the home will be sold, and, regardless of the disposition, will need to agree on the current fair market value. When the home in question is…

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The Process of Spousal Support Mediation

Video Transcript Oliver Ross, Mediator: Hi, I’m Oliver Ross. I’m the founder of Out-of-Court Solutions, and for the past 18 years I’ve been a full time mediator. Spousal support mediation, let me start off by saying that spousal support is one of, if not, the most unpredictable area of the law there is in Arizona…

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