Resolving Issues of Divorce and Parenting via Mesa Mediation Services

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Oliver Ross, Out-of-Court Solutions:

Hi, I’m Oliver Ross, I’m the founder of Out-of-Court Solutions, and I’ve been mediating in Mesa, Red Mountain and Downtown Mesa, and the surrounding East Valley cities for the last 18 years. My background is in the law business and psychology. I practiced law in California for 19 years and then having gone through my own divorce, I went back to school at night, and first I earned a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Human Behavior Psychology.

We moved in 1994 to Mesa in the general Phoenix Metropolitan area. And what I’ve known since opening this practice in January of 1995 that I’m able to help couples in Mesa, Red Mountain and all of the areas of Downtown Mesa, as well as other areas here in Phoenix, go through whatever process they choose, whether it’s divorce or legal separation in a very very different way than if they were going to use two separate lawyers in the adversarial process. My goal is to help couples communicate and negotiate effectively, offer different options and alternatives, provide them with legal, financial and tax information, and also to be attendant to the emotions that are so common in mediation. So I’ve had the actual blessing of helping over 1400 couples since 1995 resolve their situations in a collaborative and cooperative way, rather than in an adversarial and, not to mention, expensive way.

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