An Introduction To Phoenix Divorce And Child Related Mediation

Video Transcript

Oliver Ross, Out-of-Court Solutions:

Hi folks, I am Oliver Ross. I am the founder of Out-of-Court Solutions and I’ve been a full-time mediator here in Phoenix for the last 18 years. Before that I practiced law in California for 19 years. I was a trial lawyer and then I went through my own divorce and felt the emotions and actually that sparked me, motivated me to go back to school. So first, I earned a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and then later on I earned a PhD in Behavioral Psychology. We moved here to Phoenix in 1994 and I opened the practice here in Phoenix in 1995, and what I’ve realized since then is that this is my calling because I not only get to save parents from the hostility and tension that’s sure to increase when you use adversarial lawyers, I get to save the children from the fallout of that hostility and tension. So it’s really a blessing for me to do this kind of work in Phoenix and other areas adjacent to Phoenix because I really get to help people go through this process in a collaborative and cooperative way and, not to mention, save a lot of money.

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