Can I Represent Myself In A Divorce?

Video Transcript

Oliver Ross, Phoenix Divorce Mediator:

“Yes, that’s definitely an option, representing yourself in divorce. When there’s very little, if anything, involved, for example, no minor children, no home involved, no substantial assets or property of any value, not a lot of credit card debt. When it’s really simple, people have represented themselves and gone through the divorce process on their own. My experience is that we’ve had clients call where they’ve started things on their own, but children are involved, minor children involved, there’s perhaps, a home involved. We’re talking about child support, we’re talking about perhaps even alimony. It’s now called spousal maintenance. In that instance, people call us and say, “Gee, we tried to do this on our own, but we can’t.”

I would strongly encourage people, having been a litigator for 19 years and represented people in that adversarial process, I would strongly encourage anyone who’s contemplating divorce to, at least, explore the option of mediation. Because the mediator will help the couple communicate and negotiate effectively, offer different options and alternatives for resolving whatever issues there are, and provide information including legal financial tax information. So, of course, you can consult with an adversarial lawyer, get their take on it. But having done that for 19 years, been in that position as a trial lawyer, I’d certainly encourage people to also check out mediation.”

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