Child Custody Modification

Child Custody Modification

During a divorce that involves minor children, you and your spouse came to an agreement about child custody (now known as “legal decision-making).  This agreement pertained to the making of major life decisions for children about their education, medical needs, religious training and personal care. But later on, there may come a time that one or both parents want to a modification (i.e., change) in legal decision making. Child custody modifications are very common and are considered a “post-decree modification.”

What Types of Changes to Child Custody Agreements Can Be Made?

There are many reasons a modification to child custody might be sought.  Some circumstances that may prompt a change in child custody include a change in work schedule, change in family situation, one parent is moving, child has expressed a desire for a change, and more.

How is Child Custody Modification Granted?

If a change to child custody arrangements is requested by one or both parents, many settlement agreements or court orders require that parents first attempt to resolve any disagreements through mediation, with going to court as a last resort. Mediation allows parents the opportunity to keep control of legal decision-making authority versus turning control over attorneys and/or a judge.

The Advantages of Using a Mediator to Negotiate a Child Custody Modification

Working with a divorce mediator is often the least contentious way to handle any conflict or major life changes.  A divorce mediator assists remains impartial, provides relevant legal information and makes certain that  parents make fully informed decisions about the best interests of the child/ren.  Further, a mediator assists you in preparing all court documents.  Working with a mediator on your child custody modification will makes things easier and more efficient.

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