Conflict Resolution Through Divorce Mediation


Lessening Emotions Through Divorce Mediation

There is no getting around it: divorce can be an emotionally draining time for everyone involved. There are numerous aspects that need to be sorted out, and the process only gets more intense if there are children involved. In order to make this process less emotionally difficult, it can be extremely helpful to engage in divorce mediation.


Mediator Understands Psychological Dynamics

There are numerous emotions that are going to come into play during the divorce process. One or both of the spouses may go through victimization, grief, anger, shame and various other painful states. You may not have gone through anything like a divorce before, so you do not know how to handle these emotions. A mediator with backgrounds in both law and psychology will be able to talk you through your mental states such that when your emotions are running high you won’t say or do something you later regret.


Mediator Avoids Passive Aggressiveness

Passive aggressiveness can add more heat than light to the divorce process. A divorce mediator can help you deal with this kind of behavior in such a way that that you and your spouse can continue to communicate and negotiate respectfully and collaboratively.


Mediator Resolves Trust Issues

Mistrust is endemic to divorce or legal separation. It comes with the territory. One of the partners may feel like his or her spouse isn’t being forthright or forthcoming. Mistrust may even develop toward the mediator. An experienced mediator understands this and will work hard to build a modicum of trust between the mediating parties.

Even if you and your partner mutually want a divorce, there are still likely to be issues that will come up that may trigger some painful emotions. Working with a mediator, especially one who has backgrounds in both law and psychology, will undoubtedly lessen any chance of passive aggressiveness, mistrust, or any other type of heightened emotion causing the divorce or legal separation process to become a pitched and painful court based battle.

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