Deciding on When Divorce or Legal Separation Makes Sense

Deciding on When Divorce or Legal Separation Makes Sense

Marriage is a partnership that sometimes, for one reason or another, dissolves into divorce. As hurtful and frustrating as the divorce process is, the time that it takes to decide on divorce or legal separation can be just as bad. At Out-of-Court solutions, we know that sometimes there are signs that the situation is becoming untenable.

When Is it Time for Divorce or Legal Separation?

When the dynamic between you and your spouse has become rife with friction, it may be time to step back and discuss how to repair things. It is an issue of connection. When disengagement has taken hold, when engagement is cold and perfunctory, a tacit rift has developed that must be addressed.

Couples that choose legal separation are interested in putting their marriage on hold, but not ending it. In this scenario, a court must approve the proposed agreement, which divides property, severe financial ties and establishes a child custody arrangement. Reasons for legal separation include:

  • Space to heal
  • Religious reasons
  • Financial reasons

Couples that choose divorce choose to formally end the marriage. Reasons for divorce include:

  • No connection to spouse
  • Option to remarry
  • No financial reason to remain married
  • No religious reason to remain married

Divorce and legal separation are difficult things to endure. Knowing when to make the best decision can be difficult but if things are leaning that way, you want to be prepared to deal with either situation amicably and as easily as possible

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