Did You Know You Can Get Divorced Without Lawyers?

Though it may sound like a gimmick, we promise, you really can get a divorce without lawyers. And, you can do so without sacrificing quality of representation or fair advocation.  Divorce mediation is an excellent alternative that is ideal in the vast majority of situations. However, traditional divorce has become so commonplace that people do not realize that divorce mediation is an excellent alternative because it reduces cost, saves time, reduces hostility, you remaining control, and everything remains confidential.

Wow it would be more cost-effective to have one divorce attorney represent both parties in the divorce, it is unethical to do so. However, mediators are able to provide both parties with the legal, financial, and tax information they need to make the fully informed decisions necessary in their divorce. We would never discourage a client from using an attorney if there tourney is silly there as a consultant rather than a combatant. Though, this is rarely necessary.

This may sound like it is only an option for highly amicable divorces. While that is certainly ideal in any divorce, divorce mediation is an effective way to get a divorce in almost any circumstance. In fact, within a reputable and experienced divorce mediation Service, a divorcing couple should be able to rest assured that all of their property, debt, support, and child related matters have been completely settled. Further, they should be produced with a legally binding agreement at the end. This ensures that the divorce is concluded quickly, with minimal stress, and inexpensively, without ever needing the assistance of attorneys.

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