Dissolution of Marriage and Divorce Document Preparation Service

Not all divorces need to be tense, emotionally draining, and expensive.  A dissolution of marriage can be obtained when a divorce is uncontested and both spouses agree on how they will divide their property and debts.  When this is the case, you still need to submit paperwork and go through the court system to obtain a divorce but, rather than hiring an attorney, you could hire a mediator to prepare your documents for you, further minimizing what you need to do and the stress that comes along with that.  This is a great way to resolve financial and child-related matters quickly and inexpensively. In Arizona, this type of divorce can be obtained in as little as 90 days!

The process for a quick dissolution with document preparation services is s follows.  First, you will complete an intake form and fee agreement. Legal documents are then prepared and completed for you and emailed to you so that the divorce process is started. Next, you and your spouse will complete a detailed questionnaire together or separately.  Finally, your document preparation service provider will prepare a legally binding comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreement as well as all required court documents to complete your divorce in Arizona. If you and your spouse have few assets and debts or already agree on how to divide things, a divorce document preparation service and quick dissolution of marriage may be right for you.

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