Divorce Document Preparation

There are many divorce circumstances in which a separating couple agree on most things and do not need mediation, they simply need their divorce to be legal.  For any couple in this position, a great option is a divorce document preparation service because it will save you time and money.  While all divorce document preparation services are different, Out-of-Court Solutions provides clients with a questionnaire to ensure all important topics are covered so that a fair, mistake-free legally binding settlement can be agreed upon.

Our divorce document preparation service also includes unlimited live person support from a team of mediators with backgrounds in both psychology and law at a pro-rated hourly rate to help answer any questions or concerns.  Our detailed form will work you and your spouse through all of your property, debt, parenting of minor children, and spousal support issues that are common in divorces and legal separations.

And, to help protect against any future problems that could cause trouble in court later on or delay the divorce process, we provide you with a legally binding written settlement agreement, ensuring there are no loose ends that could pop up last minute.  This written settlement will include all necessary documents, signatures, and other items necessary to file with the court.  Once signed, we prepare and email you the agreement that must be signed to finalize your divorce or legal separation. It can all be done online, on the phone, via email, or video-conference if necessary, so you never have to meet in-person. If you agree on most things already andante fast and easy way to get a divorce, consider professional divorce document preparation.

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