Divorce During a Pandemic

We are living in unprecedented times and that would be more than enough to manage on its own but you are trying to get a divorce it complicates things even more. With social distancing and staying home being heavily encouraged and families finding themselves in new circumstances, many couples are looking for more flexible virtual divorce options and virtual divorce mediation is the ideal solution.

Virtual divorce mediation is the most convenient and secure way to get a divorce. It is a highly affordable option and offers the flexibility to get the divorce you want, regardless of where you and your spouse are located. Utilizing videoconference technology, you and your spouse will work with an impartial mediator who will blend law and psychology during your divorce mediation to personalize a legally-binding settlement, as well as all necessary court documents.

Divorce can be a long process that is both financially and emotionally draining. Virtual divorce mediation is not only cost-effective, is extremely efficient. Because the entire process takes place online without being constrained by court schedules, it moves far quicker, saving you time and stress. Virtual divorce mediation also reduces hostility and stress, unlike court-based divorces that can highly intensify emotions. When you are ready to get a divorce during the pandemic, the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective solution is virtual divorce mediation.

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