Divorce Mediation: 3 Ways to Promote the Best Interests of Children during Divorce

1. Agree to put the best interests of children first and foremost in all decision making. Indeed, include this in writing as part of the mediation ground rules, with the understanding that the mediator can remind the parents of this should one or both of them lose sight to it.
2. Construct a cooperative parenting plan such that the parents can be flexible with each other as to when the children will be with each of them, while also having specific times that the children will be with each parent in the event that they disagree about any particular week day, weekend, holiday, or vacation.
3. Include a mandatory future conflict resolution process in the parenting plan for the children which includes a step-by-step method for quickly and inexpensively resolving any post-divorce disagreements about co-parenting; for example, the first step being that the parents will make a good faith effort to talk about any disagreements concerning the children’s best interests, and the second step being that if the parents are unable to resolve any disagreement by talking about it, they will then attempt to resolve it through mediation rather than through lawyers and the courts.

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