Divorce Mediation in 5 Steps

Divorce mediation is a great option for many couples, whether their divorce is perfectly amicable or not.  There are a number of advantages to divorce mediation including lower cost, faster divorce process, and often better terms for both parties than would have been determined otherwise.  Below is a breakdown of how divorce mediation works and how you can also enjoy those benefits in 5 simple steps.

Divorce Mediation in 5 Steps

1. Free Consultation – When you work with a reputable and qualified divorce mediator, it typically begins with a free consultation that includes a written time and estimate cost.  During this step, you have an opportunity to ask your questions about the divorce mediation process and how it differs from traditional divorce.

2. Beginning Mediation with Explanation of Rules & Procedures – Once you and your spouse agree to mediation and commit to the process, theft rules and procedures of mediation are explained so that everyone has the same roadmap and is on the same page which makes for a fast and equitable resolution.

3. Getting Current with Your Mediator – During this step, both spouses will have an opportunity to get your mediator up to speed about your situation.  This is the time when you disclose all relevant information and documents and the mediator gets a full explanation of your backgrounds, incomes, finances, health conditions, children, and any other relevant information.

4. Mediation – Now is the time that you and your spouse will have a chance to mediate all issues involved in your divorce4e.  With the help of a mediator, you can determine how your property will be divided, how debts will be allocated, determine co-parenting agreements, determine child support, determine spousal maintenance, and more, in the most amicable and fair way possible.

5. Settlement Agreement & Court Documents – This final step ensures that all decisions made in Step 4 are legally binding and the all court documents have been accurately prepared so that you and your spouse never have to go to court to finalize your divorce.

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