Divorcing the Easier Way: The Advantages of Divorce Mediation

Deciding to divorce or separate is a painful decision to have to make. This time of change in your life can be devastating, overwhelming and hugely disrupting. The process can become more fraught and heartbreaking when children are involved. While deciding to separate is not simple, choosing the best method to navigate and finalize your divorce can make a huge difference in how ex-partners work together throughout the process and once it’s complete. For many, divorce mediation is the solution to taking back control and amicably settling on the issues at hand.

Mediation Focuses on the Family

Divorce mediation allows for focusing on specific needs and issues in a personalized way. If there are children in the picture, mediation gives you the opportunity to work together in the most peaceful way possible. This not only allows for coming to agreements together, but also sets the stage for a healthier, collaborative relationship once the divorce is finalized. Maintaining a good, non-combative relationship post-divorce is positive for all involved, especially the children.

Mediation Allows You To Keep Control

Divorce mediation allows you to take back control of the divorce proceedings in a number of ways. Not only does mediation allow willing parties to bring their wants, issues and ideas to the table, but it also puts the power of final decision making in the hands of you and your partner. In more traditional divorce proceedings, where you would each obtain an individual attorney and go to court, points are argued back and forth and decisions are often made by a judge. Not only does mediation give you control over final decision making, but it also gives you more control over other issues that can arise while going through a divorce, such as:

  • Amount of money spent on proceedings
  • Stress levels and animosity towards your ex-partner
  • Amount of time needed to finalize

There are ways in which you can minimize the stress, animosity and financial strain that often come along with the divorce process. Choosing divorce mediation is a healthy way to put the needs of your entire family first while agreeing to the terms of separation and making your divorce final.