Factors That Determine the Amount of Child Support

Divorce can be tricky when it involves children and the child is often considered during divorce proceedings or mediations. This is especially true when it concerns child support, which can be difficult to understand. Fortunately, there are some specific factors that help to determine how much you or your spouse should pay for child support after the divorce is final. Knowing these aspects can help you understand the process and the reasons why a certain amount is decided on.

What Do These Factors Include?

Before you look at the factors involved in deciding child support, please understand that the amount may vary from state to state. As such, you should research the laws in your state to fully understand the process. However, while each state has specific formulas that are used to determine how much child support is paid, there are certain criteria that are looked at. These include the following:

  • The number of children to be supported
  • The type of custody that is arranged
  • The income of the paying parent
  • The healthcare costs for the child
  • The school costs for the child
  • The number of overnight visits

Who Decides These Factors?

In divorces that are settled between the parents with their lawyers or mediators, the parents are the ones to decide on the amount. This amount is based on the factors listed above. In situations where the parents cannot reach an agreement, a court judge is the one to make these decisions for the parents. If this is the case, the amount is settled based on the information both parents provide through detailed financial statements.

Child Support Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Providing financial support for children after a divorce is a sensitive situation. However, there are specific factors that help lawyers, mediators and judges decide on the amount of child support to be paid. Both you and your spouse should be aware of these factors so you can support your child financially while understanding how the amount was decided.