Four Steps to Modifying Your Child Support Order

In Arizona, you can file a petition to change the amount you are currently receiving or paying in child support. If it is filed before three years have elapsed since the last child support order was established, you must provide evidence demonstrating that a substantial and continuing change has occurred in the needs of the child or in the ability of the parent to pay support. If no change has occurred, you must wait until after three years have passed before filing. Either parent can submit the petition and it can be done following the steps below.

Step One

First, you must complete the necessary forms, which are available through the Arizona Department of Economic Security. These include:

  • Petition to Modify a Child Support Order
  • Affidavit of Financial Information
  • Parent’s Worksheet for Child Support Amount


You will need to provide documents in support of the affidavit and it must be signed in the presence of a notary. In addition to completing the forms, you must make one copy of the blank affidavit. Two extra copies must be made of the completed versions of the petition, the affidavit and the worksheet, and three copies need to be made of the supporting financial documents.

Step Two

You must submit the forms and a filing fee to your local Clerk of Court. The clerk will then provide you with a court date.

Step Three

The third step is to serve one copy of the completed forms, the blank financial affidavit and the supporting financial documents on the respondent. This must be done by via the sheriff’s office, a licensed process server, registered mail or a courier service.

Step Four

Finally, you must come to court on the day and time assigned to you, bringing the forms and documents with you. You will first attend a meeting with a conference officer and then a hearing in front of a judicial officer.

At the end of the hearing, you will receive a final order from the judge. While it is possible to go through this process alone, the chances of a favorable outcome are enhanced if you seek the advice of a professional in the legal field. Not only can they give you advice for properly completing paperwork, but they can provide you with support during your hearing.

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