Have You Considered a Collaborative Divorce?

When it comes to divorce, most people don’t think of it as something that you collaborate on. Rather, most people view it as adversarial. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. The traditional divorce takes place in the courtroom; there are other ways to obtain the same end result while minimizing conflict and stress. Collaborative divorce is different than traditional divorce the the bridges the gap for those the gap for those that don’t feel comfortable only completing mediation for divorce. In collaborative divorce, both spouses retain individual attorney to represent their own interests while still undergoing mediation for the most amicable resolution possible.

The National Law Review further explains just how collaborative divorce works, “You will sign a collaborative agreement with your respective attorneys and then you, your spouse and your respective attorneys will work together to choose other professionals who will be retained by you and your spouse as part of the team of professionals who will work with you and your spouse to obtain a full agreement…The professionals that could be retained by you and your spouse during the collaborative divorce process, other than your respective attorneys, could be an Appraiser, Accountant, Business Evaluator, Realtor, Mediator, Counselors, Coaches, Therapist, Tax Advisors, Parenting Allocation Evaluators or any other professionals required to work out a solution to the issues relative to your specific case. The benefit of choosing to retain these professionals jointly is that you could save a substantial amount of money in retaining one professional to provide a service to both of you as opposed to each of you hiring your own independent professional leading to potentially two different opinions or values which then has to be litigated in the Courtroom.”

The entire divorce process can be very time consuming, particularly when a divorce is adversarial. More time = more money spent. Not to mention it is an emotionally draining. It collaborative divorce helps both spouses feel like their legal interests have been well protected without having to get involved in a grudge match. Speak to a mediator to learn how you can obtain a collaborative divorce.

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