How Divorce Mediation Will Benefit Your Children

How Divorce Mediation Will Benefit Your Children

Virtually any divorce can benefit from the use of mediation.  The most amicable and most contentious divorces alike can find advantages in mediation because it provides a neutral person to listen to and help find mutually agreeable solutions to any issues.  Not only are their emotional advantages to mediation but there are economic advantages as well because everything is finalized quickly and less expensively.  And, when minor children are involved, perhaps the biggest reasons to choose divorce mediation is that it reduces parental hostility and tension.

If you are getting divorced and have children with your spouse you will need to agree upon custody, time-sharing, child support, tax deductions and numerous other matters regarding your children.  But, agreeing on those details can be very challenging when you are arguing in a courtroom.  Even the best parents can lose sight of how their divorce is negatively affecting their children.  With divorce mediation, a mediator will help parents be mindful of the best interests of the children at all times and will pursue arrangements that best suit everyone while prioritizing the needs of the children.  This is particularly important because it can help protect your children from a lot of emotional damage that often occurs during divorce.

In child custody situations it can be easy to get into an argument over who is the better parent but through mediation a neutral party will help determine which circumstance is best for the child, not who wins the “parent of the year” award.  Nobody, and especially your children, want to hear parents playing the blame game.  Mediation will not be about dividing up time so that someone loses out.  It is a way to create a parenting plan that keeps both parents actively involved in their child’s life in the healthiest and most productive way possible.

Divorce mediation is a much less stressful way to achieve the divorce that you want and that is true not only for parents but for the children as well.  Stressful divorces and child custody arguments can impact a child significantly, deteriorating their performance in school, leading to bad behavior at home, and other forms of acting out.  Through divorce mediation, you can provide your child a lower stress way to undergo such a major life change and find the best way to move forward for everyone.

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