How Much Money Do You Save with Divorce Mediation Compared to Litigation

Divorce may provide you with the freedom that you want – emotional freedom, lifestyle freedom, financial freedom, etc.  But, it is no secret that to get that freedom, you will have to pay a pretty penny.  Divorce, particularly divorce litigation with a lawyer, is notoriously expensive.  Divorce mediation is a great option for every couple because it tends to be less contentious, provide better divorce outcomes, and can save a lot of money!

Many people who seek divorce do not realize just how expensive it will be until they begin to speak to a lawyer.  While we advocate divorce mediation because of a myriad of benefits, as the American Bar Association points out, you should pursue mediation if for no other reason than the significant cost savings, “For many clients, the best reason for choosing mediation will be the cost. Mediation will almost always be less expensive than litigation.  While both mediation and litigation can involve experts, such as accountants and real estate appraisers, there is only one mediator; as opposed to two attorneys or more were the parties to appear in court. Remember that mediation is concerned with both parties working together, and doing so can dramatically decrease the billable time owed. The cost of divorce mediation is generally 40% – 60% lower than divorce litigation.”

A savings of 40%-60% sounds great, but just how much money are we really talking about?  A lot.  Huffington Post notes that the average cost of divorce litigation is $32,700+ while the average cost of divorce mediation is $500-$2,500.  That is a massive savings!  While divorce mediation seeks to find amicable and mutually beneficial decisions in the divorce process, divorce mediation can and does work for the most amicable and most contentious divorces and will ultimately save you a lot of money.

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