How to Prepare For Custody Disputes in a Divorce

When children are involved in a divorce it can significantly complicate the process as the parents must first look out for the best interest of the children. While you would ideally be able to come to an agreement about custody, when there is disagreement about how to proceed there are options which don’t require a court battle. Hiring a neutral mediator to hear both sides and determine the fairest outcome spares you and your spouse expensive court costs and also leaves you in the best position for an amicable agreement.

Determine Your Interests

You can’t propose a preferred agreement if you don’t know what you’re after, so it’s important to sit down and determine exactly what you’re looking to get out of mediation. Within that plan you should also know what your most and least important elements are so that you know which points are worth focusing on more when forced to choose.

Organize Your Information

Just because the idea behind mediation is to come to an agreement without undue anger or malice doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still prepare to put forth your best case for why your proposal is better. Find any documents you have which support the claims you will make and sort them by areas of focus so you are ready to more easily present them.

Discuss With Your Attorney

Avoiding the courts does not mean avoiding attorneys. It’s still important that both parties have suitable representation to ensure that their interests are looked out for during the mediation process. Speak with your attorney before the first mediation session and throughout the process to make sure things are progressing as planned.

Divorces with children are all about finding the best possible solution for the children. By avoiding the animus that can come from a bitter court argument a mediator helps you to stay on more civil terms with your ex. Your children will be the ones to reap the rewards of this more cordial agreement, and that’s what is most important.