How to Reduce Expenses and Save Time When Modifying Child Support

How to Reduce Expenses and Save Time When Modifying Child Support

Establishing and modifying a child support agreement can be a frustrating and costly process.  In traditional divorces, a child support agreement would be argued in a court of law with lawyers and a judge.  Thus, each individual has to hire an attorney, go through the discovery process, argue their case, and agree upon a decision or have a judge determine the final amount.  However, if a couple chooses to undergo mediation instead, not only is it a less stressful way to modify a child support agreement but it will cost far less.

There are many cases where a child support agreement needs to be modified at some point after a divorce.  Through mediation, both parties will work with a trained neutral third party, voice their perspectives and information, and determine what amount of child support their child needs.  There are many cases where one or both party’s circumstances will significantly change as the result of some major life event such as a substantial change in income as the result of gaining or losing a job, a change in expenses such as a change in daycare expenses or health insurance costs, a change in parenting time, or remarriage. When these changes occur, a parent may request for a child support modification and then both parties would need to either go to court again or meet with a mediator to determine a new amount.

If parents pursue mediation for their child support modification, they will meet with the mediator and reach a mutually-agreeable voluntary settlement. When agreements can be made together, the process can be completed much quicker and ultimately cost each parent less money.  Lawyers will not be required which will in and of itself save significant money.  And, mediation helps reduce frustration, reduce problems enforcing child support agreements, and avoid future court proceedings.

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