Is Divorce Mediation Divorcing Without Lawyers’?

If you watch a dramatic television show you will often see that one of the first things someone should do when getting divorced is ‘lawyer up.’  By ‘lawyer up’ they usually mean to get a ferocious attorney that will take your ex for all they are worth.  And, while that type of revenge may sound great to you depending on the particular circumstances of your divorce, it is not the ideal way to approach divorce for a multitude of reasons.  For your mental, emotional, and financial well-being, it is best to pursue divorce mediation and get a divorce without lawyers.

Divorcing Without Lawyers Doesn’t Have to Be ‘DIY (Do It Yourself) Divorce’ – Choose Mediation!

The idea of ‘divorcing without lawyers’ may sound a little frightening and, frankly, risky.  But, while divorce mediation is like divorcing without lawyers, all that means in reality is that you will be divorcing without the courtroom drama – the legal information provided during mediation will still be sound and accurate – and reputable mediators allow for lawyers to participate in mediation as consultants instead of combatants.

Divorce mediation is very different from DIY divorce where you and your spouse try to fill out the forms correctly and fairly divide things.  DIY divorce is always a bad idea, protect your rights with professional help.  Forbes elaborates on the difference between DIY divorce, divorce litigation, and divorce mediation, “In divorce mediation, a divorcing couple works with a neutral mediator who helps both parties come to an agreement on all aspects of their divorce. The mediator may or may not be a lawyer, but he/she must be extremely well-versed in divorce and family law. In addition, it is critical for the mediator to be neutral and not advocate for either party. Both parties still need to consult with their own, individual attorneys during the mediation and prior to signing the final divorce settlement agreement.”

Is Divorce Mediation Really ‘Divorce Without Lawyers’?

Divorce mediation is not, technically speaking, divorce without lawyers though it is often what it feels like.  Make no mistake, divorce mediation can and should result in a legally binding agreement.  Divorce mediators are able to assist both parties with their legal, financial, and tax information and aid in dispute resolution.  With high-quality divorce mediation providers, both parties always have the option to consult with their own attorney but the attorney is never used as a combatant.  The best divorce mediation assists both parties in reaching a fair settlement of property, debt, support, and child-related matters in a legally binding agreement, effectively achieving a ‘divorce without lawyers.’