Make Informed, Smarter Decisions When Legally Separating with Mediation

Make Informed, Smarter Decisions When Legally Separating with Mediation

When you legally separate or divorce there are a lot of decisions to be made about assets, finances, living arrangements, custody if children are involved, and more. The problem is, couples that are divorcing are not always on the best terms and with such heightened emotions, the decision-making process is not always easy. But, decision making can be made far easier if couples opt to pursue divorce mediation rather than the courtroom setting. Divorce mediation is completed outside of the court with an experienced attorney who has been trained in and specializes in mediation. The mediator operates impartially to help individuals achieve the legal separation or divorce that they want in an amicable way so that everyone has their voice heard.

Divorce mediation can be an empowering experience for both parties because they know that they will be able to be heard without having to scream and fight. Through a calmer approach to divorce, both parties can make better decisions. Nobody makes their best decisions when they are fighting, emotional, frustrated, or seeking revenge. When a couple makes the decision to pursue divorce mediation they are already on a positive path to good, healthy decision making. In mediation, a roadmap of boundaries will be determined at the outset so that common goals can be sought and so that nobody feels bullied or silenced.

During the process, the mediator ensures that full disclosure of all property, assets, debt, etc. occurs. Huffington Post elaborates on the supportive team that will help both parties make their best decisions in divorce mediation, “Your mediator is just one part of the entire team of professionals available to help you and your spouse through this process, and you should absolutely consult with professionals with expertise in particular areas, as needed. For example, can’t decide how to split the family business? An evaluation with a forensic accountant could be extremely beneficial in fairly valuing the company… A mediator provides legal information, not legal advice. A mediator will guide you to make your own decisions based on knowledge and experience, but in the end, you will make your own decisions based on what’s best for you and your family.” Further, the mediator facilitates a safe and supportive environment in which disagreements can be resolved in a healthy manner. Without the heightened emotions of a courtroom or a vindictive approach both parties are able to work towards goals and make decisions that will allow for a more peaceful future.

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