Managing Grief in Divorce Mediation

Regardless of the circumstances, divorce can often feel like a death.  While there might be many reasons you are pursuing a divorce, it also represents the end of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new chapter.  Grief can easily creep in, even when you least expect it, but there are ways to manage and mitigate grief in the divorce process.  The most positive start you can have in the divorce process, and the best beginning to mitigating grief is to work with a divorce mediator especially those with backgrounds in psychology in addition to law.

‘I Want a Divorce So Why Am I Experiencing Grief?’

Often what can trigger the biggest bouts of grief in divorce is the discussion of division – division of assets, division of sentimental items, division of time with children, etc. It triggers a feeling of helplessness, loss, anger and grief.  While no one person or process can heal the varying levels of grief that comes with divorce, amicable divorce will help reduce the amount of grief.  When divorce is contentious the feelings of hurt are amplified.  This can lead to miscommunications, arguments, poor choices, hurtful words, etc. And, individuals process and handle grief very differently and may be at two very different stages of grief when trying to finalize a divorce.   A divorce mediator with counseling and lawyering experience is there to be an impartial conflict manager.

Impartial Mediation Mitigates Divorce Grief

A divorce mediator with dual credentials in law and psychology will carefully listen to both individuals and ensure that they feel completely heard and not bullied at any point.  Then, with both individual’s best interests in mind, as well as any children’s best interests that might be involved, the divorce mediator will help you negotiate and communicate effectively to find mutually agreeable resolutions.  These divorce mediators have an unparalleled understanding of the degrees of grief that comes with divorce, and have the unique insight necessary to help navigate that grief and also have the mental health and support resources should an individual need additional assistance managing their grief.  Often, once the grief has been acknowledged it is much easier to open a discussion and manage emotions in a positive way to achieve a peaceful divorce mediation.

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