Mediating Your Disputes and Avoiding the Courts

Taking someone to court to settle a grievance can be a lengthy, emotional, and expensive process. Before going the traditional litigation route, consider engaging mediators to help prepare your separation agreement or amend your child custody provisions – whether child support amounts and time-sharing arrangements. Using a mediator will save money on, decrease time spent during, and reduce the unpleasant emotions associated with the dispute settlement process.

Saving Money

Lawyer and paralegal expenses, filing fees, and the time billed to prepare for and appear in court all increase the costs of settling a disagreement. By using a trained mediator, rather than two sets of lawyers, a couple can eliminate some of these costs and make the process less expensive.

Decreasing Time

Because mediation typically involves a single professional working with both parties, there are fewer lawyers’ and judges’ schedules to navigate during the course of the settlement. By shortening the length of the negotiation process, using a mediator will help your family move more quickly through the arbitration stage and on to adjusting to their new normal.

Reducing Unpleasant Emotions

Mediators are trained to recognize potential areas of conflict between couples as well as understand the types of emotions – stress, grief, and anger – that are associated with separations and divorce. Mediators will counsel the couple on ways to communicate with each other and their children about what is happening. They can also identify situations where the assistance of mental health professionals might be necessary – and make appropriate referrals.

Any dispute, whether a divorce or subsequent change to your agreement, is likely to come with some level of stress. Using a mediator for these situations, rather than going through separate lawyers, will help save money and time. These savings, as well as a mediator’s desire to reduce unpleasant emotions, can minimize the negative emotional toll the negotiation process can take on you and your family members.

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